The 9 Things That Could Be Sabotaging the Sale of Your Home

Today I am looking at the nine things that could be sabotaging the sale of your home. 

Today I want to talk about nine things you may not have thought about that could sabotage the sale of your home.

1. Cords. The cords hanging from the satellite dish on your roof or wherever they may be can either be bundled up and tied or removed entirely.

2. Unkempt yard. Mow the lawn and pick up the sticks because the yard is the very first thing a buyer sees and you want to have curb appeal. I have been with buyers in the past that when we drove up and they saw the place they said “nope” and never got out of the car because the yard was unkempt.

3. The front door. You should either paint or thoroughly clean the front door—you don't want the first thing the buyer sees to be dingy. Try to appeal to the emotions of the buyer..

4. Pets. You have to clean up after your pets or fix any problems such as stained carpet. Especially in the backyard, you need to make sure that there are no surprises for a buyer because it will affect the sale of your home.

5. Cobwebs. You may not think of cobwebs, like a woman I recently worked with, but you need to be aware of them being there.

"When we are staging your house, we want to make certain that the furniture is placed in a manner that is appealing to buyers."

6. Poor furniture placement. Less is more. When we are staging your house, we want to make certain that the furniture is placed in a manner that is appealing to buyers.

7. Junk drawers and crammed cabinets. You don't want someone to open your cabinet and have Rice Krispies fall into their lap.

8. Overfilled closets. Just like the cabinets, when we are looking at the closets, you want to see the same color clothes hangers with about two and a half inches between each hanger. You also want the clothes all facing the same way and nothing falling out when the door is opened.

9. Cluttered countertops. Really, you only want one item on your countertops such as a coffee maker or a mixer. I have shown properties that have too much stuff on the counter. Remember, less is more.

If you have any questions about this or anything else, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Dan Rochon

Dan Rochon is an Associate Broker in VA, Broker in MD; Owner of Rochon Investments, LLC; Owner and Co-founder of and Owner of other Joint Ventures as well as a real estate principles instructor at Moseley Real Estate Schools.

As a real estate sales agent, Dan and his team are consistently top producers in their marketplace and provide solutions for their clients. Through their investing company, Dan and Traci Rochon have been investing in residential and commercial real estate ventures for more than the past decade.

Dan and his wife Traci are frequent speakers and are often quoted in media stories about the current real estate market. The Rochon's have been featured on The Nightly News with Brian Williams, The Today Show, CNBC, The Washington Post, The Washington Examiner, WTOP News, Voted as The Best of DC Real Estate Agent in the Washington City Paper Readers Poll, and more...