Juleene DelA Cruz

My name is Juleene Dela Cruz, and I work as the Quality Assurance Director and Transaction Coordinator with the Greetings Virginia Sales Network. My role is to support our Agents and Staff so that they exceed the expectations of our buyer and seller clients and each other.

I make certain that attention to the details of the home buying and selling process is paid attention to at every stage of the process.

I believe that the more you give, the more you receive. That's how I see myself concerning how I help other people.  Regardless if it's good deeds, learning, or advise that I give you, the more that I help other people without expecting anything in return the more blessings that I receive.

If I may help you, you may contact me at (703) 763-2656 or Juleene@GreetingsVirginia.com.