Top Dollar Secrets - How to Add $30-60K to the value of your home

5 Specific Strategies To Help Add Value to Your Home
Whether You're Selling in 3 Months or 10 years

What we’ll cover in this webinar...

Dear homeowner,

Are you a homeowner in Northern Virginia, Maryland or Washington DC seeking to improve the price of your property by $30,000 to $60,000? Are you considering to sell in the near future, long term future, or just want to add value to your property? Have you met with an agent already and not yet hired them? Did the pitch sound good when they gave it, yet you are unsure?

Right now it might scare you to consider that you could get taken advantage of during your home sale. Perhaps you have no idea of who to turn to and have no confidence that the people you are considering to help you are legitimate and serious. Everything is overwhelming; there is too much info and too many people saying that they have the answer.

It is a known fact that 83% of home sellers leave money on the table when they sell, either because they do not understand the complete picture of their selling situation, do not utilize Smart Fixups, or they do not hire a skilled real estate agent to properly negotiate. Their real estate agent does not understand the psychology of sales nor how to properly market their home using the latest technology.

You may not have an understanding of the complexities involved in a real estate transaction. There are a million and one things that can go wrong, and you are not even aware of most potential pitfalls. You will only realize the challenges that can occur when you experience them. Well, you have found us. We can avoid or solve these problems and lead you on the path to success to be certain that the home selling process is professionally executed (doing it right the first time), while meeting your home selling intentions and your personal goals.

Many are concerned about how to make the transition of selling and buying without going homeless in between. You don’t want that to happen. That is bad. You need to make the right decision in the agent that you hire now because you don’t have the flexibility to make the wrong choice.

My name is Dan Rochon. Here’s where I can help you. I’ve been in real estate sales for more than a decade and as a real estate license instructor, I am known as the teacher of new agents. I have taught over 250 agents get their real estate licenses. I have been a part of 1,000’s of home selling and home buying transactions during my career. I own a large Keller Williams real estate brokerage, and I am an Associate Broker in Virginia, a full-fledged Broker in Maryland, and my team also serves Washington DC. I have spent my entire career helping sellers and buyers to solve problems and to achieve their goals. I have learned the strategies to improve the value of a home by tens of thousands of dollars. Helping sellers to be successful has been my highest focus, and I can help you be successful too.

I would like to share with you how you can improve the value of your property $30,000 to $60,000. By following a systematic approach there is a way to achieve a greater profit for the sale of your home.

To get the most money, you should follow the Greetings DMV Top Dollar Plan:

Selling 360° - Understand the situation
Smart Fix-Ups - One dollar of improvements equals multiple dollars in return
Staging - Logic makes you think and emotion makes you act
Marketing and Prospecting - Embrace today’s technology
Advance Negotiation - Understand the hierarchy of ideas

These are likely all things that you have not figured out to implement at the highest level possible for yourself, and few agents understand these concepts.

When you properly implement the Top Dollar Plan, you’ll attract the most buyers for the most profit. This means that you and your property will not fall through the cracks. You’ll have the blueprint to follow that has been developed from years of experience. You will be confident that you will achieve your goals and avoid challenges.

How good does all that sound?

If you intend to sell, you have a few options, the first being that you can try sell it yourself and take the risk. But you may not be in the position to do that. You can hire a “friend” or you could hire a discount realtor at a low or a flat fee but you won’t get the predictable profit and support.

I encourage you to ask yourself, “Has there ever been a time when I decided to do something and because a friend said, ‘hey no problem, I can help’, and I ended up not get what I wanted?” Well, this time can be like that time. If you cherish your friendship, you would not mix business with pleasure. Certainly, if your friend is a friend, he or she wants what is best for you.

But don’t take my word for any of this…

A couple of months ago, a seller who lived in Annandale, VA approached me about selling their property for the most money possible. I visited the home and saw that it was pretty distressed and in need of a lot of repairs. I was able to recommend my contractor, and in six weeks, we put the property into a really nice, marketable condition.

We redid the bathrooms, kitchen, and finished the basement to take this property from probably only being able to sell for $320,000 to getting $456,000 for it.


The best part is that they only put in $40,000 for repairs! It's a great example of the money you can get in return with the right repairs.

I invite you to watch the, “How to add $30,000 to $60,000 in Value” webinar.

Once you attend the webinar, you will learn the secrets that took me years to learn and understand. After you watch the content, I will make myself available to speak one on one if you desire.

I guarantee that when you join this webinar, you will have more knowledge about the process of getting the best amount of money for the value of your home.

When you take me up on this you will have a peek into the best strategies in the industry.

Here are some of the commonly asked questions I get….

Will this be valuable to me if I do not intend to sell anytime soon?
Absolutely! The strategies that will be shared will help you improve the value of your home.

I am listing my home and the other agent stated that they would sell it for less commission. Does it make sense for me to watch this?
The content shared is free and available. People often share it with their discount agent to try to help that agent to sell their home.

I have home improvement experience. Will I learn anything?
Many local home builders rely on our consultation to learn current trends in the marketplace. In addition, you will learn strategies of communication that will help you.

How much time will this take?
The webinar will be about 45 minutes. We have had people share with us that they learned how to get many thousands of dollars in return from using the strategies outlined.

Does it cost me to attend this webinar?
This is free.

Why do you share this information?
Because I learned a long time ago from my mentor, the late Zig Ziglar, "You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want." My intention is that you find value and if so, consider me as a resource in real estate for yourself and your friends, co-workers and family.

Enjoy the webinar!
Dan Rochon

  • What Greetings DMV clients are saying...
    “I thought Dan and his team did an excellent job! There always seem to be glitches when you start working in something like this, but overall the process went really well. ... I was very happy with the results!” - Nick

  • Top Dollar Principle #1: Selling 360°Get started on the right foot and obtain all of the information required to understand your situation.
    -- Where are you moving?
    -- Why are you moving?
    -- What challenges could get in your way?
    -- What is the condition of your property?
    -- What is your motivation to sell?

    We have found that other agents refuse to do their homework prior to meeting.

    The agent’s job is to gather as much information as possible to best understand how to help you.

    We employ a systematic approach of understanding your goals and problems

  • What Greetings DMV clients are saying...
    “My house sold very quickly! The contractor that Dan referred me to really helped with turning my house around. He was a master! And he really made the house pristine. Working with Dan and his team was great!” - Dixie

  • Top Dollar Principle #2: Smart Fix-Ups You have likely considered to fix up your property before you sell it. Certainly you would like to understand which improvements that you should do.

    We will visit with you and consult on which improvements will get you the highest profit. When we meet, we will share with you how to invest one dollar and get a return of two to three.

    We can coordinate all repairs with our well vetted and qualified contractors.

    It's easy! Financing is available in certain circumstances.

  • What Greetings DMV clients are saying..."They were fabulous! They helped me out every step of the way and answered all my questions, and also told me things I didn’t even think to ask."

  • Top Dollar Principle #3: Staging Through using our complimentary staging services, your house will look like a model home when we show it to buyers.
    Logic makes you think and emotion makes you act. When we list your home, we will appeal to the emotion of the buyer by getting it in showcase condition so that they will take action and write the highest offer.
    It has been found that a staged home will sell in 76% less time for seven to ten percent greater price.
    Let our professional interior design specialist help you get the most for your sale.

  • What Greetings DMV clients are saying..."Dan and Traci were great to work with. They sold the property very quickly and were communicative through every step of the process. This was important to me as it was my first time selling a home."

  • Top Dollar Principle #4: Marketing and ProspectingWe will proactively market your house.

    We use drone videos (where allowed) and a professional photographer. Our Inside Sales staff will seek a buyer (on average we speak with over 500 buyers each week).

    Your listing will be:
    Emailed to thousands of local, national and international real estate agents. Shared in our bi-weekly video newsletter that is sent to more than 16,000 people. Placed onto our Social Media Marketing blitz. and more...

  • What Greetings DMV clients are saying...
    “Dan got the end result that I needed. He’s a wonderful, warm, personable person and great to work with. I would recommend him to other people in need of any kind of real estate advice. He’s definitely well-versed on the entire real estate process and did everything that he could to make it easier for me.”

  • Top Dollar Principle #5: Advance Negotiation We are professionally trained in advanced negotiating skills and will use proven negotiation tactics to help you.

    Our Team Leader, Dan Rochon is a Certified Practitioner in the Art and Science of Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming from the Washington DC Hypnosis Center. You will benefit when you have Dan on your team.

    We will use the 5-Step Negotiation Model to represent your interests.

    We will appeal to the emotions of the buyer when they write an offer. This will allow for us to connect with the mental and physiological states associated with a wide range of feelings, thoughts, and behavior.

  • What Greetings DMV clients are saying...
    "Dan did a two week close on my place! He was working endlessly to make that happen and sure enough, he did! I mean everything was so fast and furious. We were able to get all of the forms done, paperwork done, and close on time. Through this effort, we were able to get the house that I purchased at a lower price because we were able to close so quickly!”