Our System, By the Numbers

Many sellers ask, “Does it matter who lists my home? Is one Realtor really any different from another?” The answer to these questions is, “Yes!” It matters. Let us show you how and why with some key statistics.

Here's How:

In the VA, MD, DC area there 51,171 real estate agents in the local MLS sold 103,029 homes this past year. That sounds like a lot, and it is. But if you do the math, that means the average agent only sold 2 homes.

In contrast, during that same time, Dan and Traci sold 102 homes—more than 50 times the average!

To put it another way, over the course of 20 years, the average Realtor would sell only 40 houses.

That's what Dan and Traci typically sell in 5 months!

  • More experience pricing
  • More experience negotiating
  • More experience getting the sale to close

Multimedia Marketing that works!

When you hire Dan and Traci & Consultants to sell your home, it is hard for buyers to miss the marketing of your home. Within 24 hours of when you hire us, your property will be announced to the world.

When we meet, ask to view Dan and Traci's Amazing 192 Step System to get your home sold for top dollar. Our system takes into account the top ways in which buyers and buyers' agents identify potential homes to meet their needs:

Buyers find the home they purchase primarily by looking on the Internet and by asking real estate agents. An excellent agent with a terrific Internet marketing program is your best path to a sale. At Dan and Traci & Consultants, we take a multi-faceted approach to ensure the most visibility for our clients:

  • GreetingsVirginia.com
    • Each day, on average hundreds, of home buyers from Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC and in every region visit our website - After all, how did you find us?
    • Buyers from across the planet will see your home featured on our site
    • Site features Community Corkboard, an online community of real estate agents and local residents discussing neighborhoods, schools, restaurants, shopping, and more.
  • Daily Craigslist.com
    • This generates thousands of people each day viewing our listings
  • Other Website Marketing
    • Property listings are fed to more than 350 online search engines and are available on KW's Web network of thousands of sites.
  • Direct mail Marketing
    • We mail send postcards to hundreds of people announcing our homes for sale.
  • Sphere of Influence
    • We contact our network of thousands of former clients, friends, and colleagues to help generate calls from buyers who may be interested in your home.
  • Round the Clock Advertising
    • 24-hour recorded hotline with information about each listing
  • Extensive Network
    • Our Team Leader, Dan Rochon founded BNI Positive Power and was the group's first president
      • This group is an extended portion of our sales team including more than 25 local business owners committed to helping each other.
      • When you hire us, we leverage these local leaders to find a buyer for your home.
  • Keller Williams Realty
    • Keller Williams is the second largest real estate brokerage in North America. Our associates are schooled in how to sell your home. In addition to the MANY resources of technology provided, we have extensive relocation agreements with agents across the world that work with buyers relocating to our area.
  • Business Minded
    • As Investors in a large Keller Williams Realty brokerage where Dan is the Operating Principal, your home will be directly introduced to our more than 125 agents.
  • Leadership
    • As leaders in Keller Williams Realty, we sustain close relationships with all of the top agents in the area. If a buyer finds your home through another agent, most likely it will be from a top producing agent
  • And more...

Home Hunter System

We use our proven Home Hunter System to match buyers and sellers. A traditional real estate agent takes a listing, places a sign in the yard, places the listing into the MLS and then Prays!

We do things differently

We proactively find buyers and keep an active roster of qualified buyers that might be interested in buying your home. Each day dozens of home buyers contact us to ask about property. Many of these buyers are not serious buyers or are unable to financially qualify. We sort the ready, willing, and able from the rest and then show them your property.

When we find a Buyer we ask,

  • Have you determined how much you can afford?
  • Do you understand the current market conditions?
  • When do you want to buy?
  • Why are you moving?
  • What would the ideal home be?
  • Have you obtained a Pre-Qualified for a Mortgage?
  • Have you obtained the services of a Professional Realtor?
  • Have you obtained the services of a Lawyer? Home Inspector? Moving Company?

With our proven Home Hunter System, we qualify buyer's motivations and ability to buy, then we match them to your home.