Traci Rochon

My name is Traci Rochon, and I am the Owner of the Greetings Virginia Sales Network. Along with my husband, Dan Rochon and our Team, my job is to take great care of our clients and to exceed the expectations of our clients. I have been helping buyers and sellers to buy a home, sell a home or invest in real estate in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC since 2004.

I help people by showing them the positive attributes that are in their lives! Even a difficult time can open up a doorway to something beautiful that would not have existed otherwise. I also, help others by seeing God like qualities that are in them, and I help others to shine their light a little more brightly.

Trough my business, I enjoy meeting many wonderful people. I like to share solutions to overcome obstacles big and small.

You may contact me at Traci@GreetingsVirginia.com or 703-597-7875.