Sarah Ritter

My name is Sarah Ritter. I work as a licensed Real Estate Sales Agent in Virginia. I use my experience in real estate sales to guide my buyers and sellers. On average, I help save over 6.7% of the sales price for my buyers and I get over 99% of list price to sold price for my sellers.

I believe in honesty and integrity. Everything I do reflects those values, including my business as a Realtor.

When you hire me, I will help you by being transparent. I will genuinely care about you and seek to understand your goals. I would love to learn about you and your journeys in life. Everyone has a story, and I believe in listening to those stories to best help.

I will use my experience in real estate sales to help you get the best deal, avoid problems and achieve your dreams.

Contact me direct at or call me at 540.409.8829 and I will help you.