Fred Sales

My name is Fred Sales, and I am a native of Alexandria, Virginia.

I have always lent a helping hand to anyone in need.  Before I started my real estate career, I worked with individuals with special needs.  I learned a lot of patience and compassion through this job.  Even though I encountered many challenges while working with special needs people, I desired to have a positive impact on the lives of these individual’s and their families.  Witnessing the progression of a student or seeing a smile on a parent’s face always brought a rewarding feeling to me. 

As a real estate agent, I receive that same rewarding feeling when I help our clients.  I enjoy helping people to achieve their goals and solve their problems whether you are a first time home buyer or seasoned investor, I am eager to provide you with vital information and neighborhood market statistics.  When you hire me, I will give you valuable information to that will help you achieve your dreams.  

Contact me direct at or call me at (703) 399-4394.