Anthony Dimitui

My name is Anthony Dimitui, and I am a licensed Real Estate Sales Agent in Virginia Greetings Virginia Sales Network Team.

Since I was young, I have always loved to help people whenever or wherever I have the opportunity to give them a hand. Whether if it is to help fix a flat tire, share personal advice, or help someone with their real estate needs, I always feel the urge to provide service. A long time ago, my Dad taught me that if you give unconditionally, wholeheartedly to people, God will always shower you with blessings.

There may be bumps on the road of life along the way but the reward of helping another will always outweigh the disappointments, and I love to see the relief and happy faces of those people who I touched along the way. 

If I may help you in any way, you may contact me at or (571) 227-7913.